Grand Mound Communication History

Grand Mound Communciations Co. was formed in 1997 as a subsidiary of Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association, which has 100% ownership in the subsidiary. Grand Mound Communications Co. (GMCC) owns all the internet service, CATV and fiber optics cable that is provided in and out of the exchange.

CATV lines were installed in 1994 and service was ready to go in the spring of 1995. We started out with 35 basic channels and 2 pay channels. As of 2005 we are offering 52 basic channels and 3 pay channels. CATV is being provided in the town of Grand Mound, Ledo Hills subdivision, Prairie View Subdivision and portions of DeWitt.

Internet service was first offered to Grand Mound residents in October of 1995. Customers dialed a number that connected to the modems out at netINS in Des Moines, GMCC's internet service provider. Modem speeds started out at 14.4K, which was pretty good for the needs of people at that time. But as more and more people used the internet for e-mail and logging on to web sites, the faster they wanted the information to be downloaded to them. In 1997 the modems were now being housed in our office and the max speed was 28.8. This was soon upgraded to the present 56K dial-up speeds that are being used today. In August of 2001, a new technology was turned up and ready to go that would provide even faster internet connection speeds. Digital subscriber line(DSL) was now being offered to residents in the Grand Mound exchange. The connecting speeds offered are 128K, 256K, 512K, 1024K and 1536K. This type of internet service is provided right over the existing telephone lines and is hooked up to a DSL modem at the subscribers computer. With this service you are always connected and there is no dial-up required.

The first fiber optic line was installed in the Grand Mound exchange in 1994 and was connected with the Calamus office of F&B Communications. CATV signal was sent over this line as well as the long distance service. Today there is fiber optics cable buried to Donahue and DeWitt as well as fiber optics buried out to remote cabinets in the rural areas of the Grand Mound exchange.

On September 17, 2002, Grand Mound Communications became its own internet service provider. With this came the launch of By becoming our own ISP, we no longer sold the services of netINS. In the early morning hours of Sept. 17, we made the switch to The first few days were pretty hectic, but overall the switch went well.

On July 28, 2005, Grand Mound Communications started construction of the Fiber to the Home project in DeWitt. This project will allow us to be able to offer telephone, cable television and high speed internet services to all customers in DeWitt. On August 1, 2005 CATV service was switched from F&B Communications in Wheatland to Dixon Telephone Co. While a few channels were replaced with other channels, overall, 1 extra channel was added and 1 pay channel was eliminated.

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