Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association and Grand Mound Communications Company offer many calling features that can be added to your telephone service. Our new switch allows us to offer our customers the most up to date options. Check out the list below to see which options you would like to add.


Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting(FREE) This option allows you to hear a tone on your line while you are talking on the phone, indicating there is another incoming call. Cancel Call Waiting option works with call waiting and allows you to cancel call waiting before you make a call. To activate this, dial *70 then the number you are calling. Once the call is ended, call waiting is automatically activated again.

Call Forwarding(FREE) This is a user programmable option that allows you to forward all incoming calls to another directory number. To activate, dial *72. When you are done call forwarding, simply go in and deactivate the call forwarding option by dialing *73.

3-way Calling(FREE) This feature allows you to talk to two different people at the same time, and you can put one or both on hold.

900/976 Blocking(FREE) This line option does not allow you to dial 900 or 976 numbers from your phone.

International Call Blocking(FREE) This option does not allow you to make international telephone calls.

Caller ID Blocking(FREE) This option allows you to block your name and number from being delivered to someone else's caller id. This option is on a per call basis.

Caller ID Name & Number Delivery($3.50/mo.) With this option the subscriber will be able to see who is calling, as the name & number will be displayed on a caller id unit or phone.

Caller ID Number Delivery($3.00/mo.) This option allows the subscriber to see the number of the person calling on the caller id unit or phone.

Call Waiting ID($1.50/mo. and the Caller ID option) Allows you to see who is calling in while you are on the phone with someone else. You can then decide whether to answer the call waiting or not. Requires a caller id unit or phone that is capable of offering call wait ID.

Automatic Recall($1.00/mo.) With this feature you can dial a special code and your phone will automatically dial the last person who called you. *69 to Activate.

Automatic Call Back($1.00/mo.) This option allows you to dial a special code and the last number you dialed will be redialed for you. *66 to Activate.

Selective Call Acceptance($1.00/mo.) Want to accept only calls from a certain number or numbers? This option allows you to do just that. Program in the numbers and only calls from these numbers will go through. *64 to Activate, *84 to Deactivate.

Selective Call Forwarding($1.00/mo.) Allows you to select which calls you want forwarded to another number. Just add the numbers to the list and only these calls will be forwarded. *63 to Activate, *83 to Deactivate.

Selective Call Rejection($1.00/mo.) Select the calls you do not want to receive. Any number you program in will be rejected and will not ring your phone. *60 to Activate, *80 to Deactivate.

Selective Distinctive Ring/CW($1.00/mo.) Want to tell who is calling by the ring? This option allow you to program in numbers and when they call, you will get two short rings instead of one long. *61 to Activate, *81 to Deactivate.

Anonymous Call Rejection($1.00/mo.) Reject phone calls that deliver their name & number as private. *77 to Activate, *87 to Deactivate.

Call Forward Busy($1.75/mo.) This option allows your calls to be forwarded to another number if your line is busy. Great for when you are on the internet and don't want to miss a call. *68 to Activate, *88 to Deactivate.

Call Forward Don't Answer($1.75/mo.) This option allows you to forward all calls when you don't answer the phone. You can program how many rings before it forwards to another line. *92 to Activate, *93 to Deactivate.

Teen Line($4.50/mo.) This feature allows you to have a separate number that when called it will ring differently than your main line. Know whether they are calling for you or someone else in the house. This option works over your main line and it will be busy if the teen line number is called and vice versa.

Telemarketing Do Not Disturb(Free) If you have this option, anyone who calls you will have to press 1 in order for the call to ring into you. Computers that telemarketers use don't have that capability, therefore they can't get through. To activate, dial *78 and to deactivate dial *79.

Toll Restriction w/ Pin Override(Free) Dial a pin to make a long distance call. Without the pin, no toll calls can be placed from your phone.

Single Party Revertive(Free) Call another extension in your house or garage and the phone will ring differently than normal. When it stops ringing, you know someone on another phone picked up.

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