Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association is an equal access long distance provider. You have the option to choose from any number of long distance carriers. Long distance changes can be made here at our office, but long distance plans must be set up with your long distance carrier by you, the subscriber. Grand Mound Telephone provides its own long distance service as another long distance option to our subscribers. You will find our rates below and can call or e-mail us if you would like to change your long distance carrier.


GMCTA/GMCC Long Distance*
5B PLAN** : 14¢/min.
5A PLAN : 10¢/min. $3.95/mo.
*Rate applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to calls anywhere in the United States.
*Long Distance charges will be billed with your local telephone bill.
**Ideal for subscribers that use less than 100 minutes of long distance per month.
GMT LD State Plans* GMT LD National Plans*
State 100   : $5.00 National 100   : $7.00
State 250   : $12.50 National 250   : $17.50
State 500   : $25.00 National 500   : $35.00
State 750   : $37.50 National 750   : $52.50
State 1000 : $50.00 National 1000 : $70.00
State 1250 : $62.50 National 1250 : $87.50
State 1500 : $75.00 National 1500 : $105.00
State 1750 : $87.50 National 1750 : $122.50
State 1500 : $75.00 National 1500 : $105.00
State 2000 : $100.00 National 2000 : $140.00
*Dollar amount is billed monthly rate. *Dollar amount is billed monthly rate.
*$0.00 per minute/Intrastate. *$0.00 per minute/Intrastate & Interstate
*$0.10 per minute/Interstate. *$0.10 per minute overage.
*$0.10 per minute overage.
Want to have control of who your long distance carrier is without it getting changed? You can place a pic freeze on your service and the only way your long distance carrier can get changed is if you tell Grand Mound Telephone to change it. That simple. To do this, fill out the form at the office or download the form below and print it out and mail or drop off to us.
Pic Freeze Form (pdf file) Pic Freeze Form (html file)

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